The CHGN UKC has regular Linking2Learn meetings twice per year where member programs gather together for fellowship, training and health updates. These meetings are central to our program and provide an opportunity for networking and encouragement as well as learning together. See the links for reviews of our meetings together.

Linking to Learn (L2L) – March 2019 - Human Trafficking

The Last L2L on 15-16 March 2019 was well attended with 50 participants. The resource people were Mr. Bhim Bahadur, Mrs Kylie Bahadur, Amanda and Ameeta Bahadur. People from “Child Line” and “Empowering People” gave informative and practical information as to how we can prevent human trafficking. The training focused on how each cluster member from their differing focuses of health, education etc can be involved in the prevention of human trafficking. The training involved presentations from Childline and from Empowering People who are actively engaged in rescuing those who have been trafficked. Many found their update on the current situation in Uttarakhand informative and helpful in knowing how to report cases. We looked at the larger ways in which organisations can prevent human trafficking, such as initiating new programs eg. income generation schemes. We looked at cheap ways like awareness-raising programs that anyone can be involved in. Lastly, we also looked at the warning signs that indicate when someone might be telling us about a situation that could be human trafficking and what questions we should ask to determine if it is (without investigating – as that is the job of the police). Each organisation then made a commitment to steps they will take to prevent human trafficking. We finished with a recap of what needs to be included in the Child Protection Policy that each organisation should have.

Linking to Learn (L2L) – November 2018 - Child Protection Policy

53 participants attended the training and the resource people Ms. Amanda, Ms Ameeta Bahadur led the session very well. The need to develop a child protection policy was realized in many organizations and further assistance to the organizations will be provided. Mr. J.P. Singh offered help if any cluster members need a Child Protection Policy to be developed. KHW can assist and Ms. Ammeta Bahadur will be the contact person. She has circulated the guidelines for developing the policy to the members since the training. Cluster will also develop the child Protection policy and Sister Amanda and Ameeta Bahadur will help compose the policy for the cluster.

Linking to Learn (L2L) – March 2018 - Training on Family retreat for families with disability

The 20th linking-to-learn on 23rd March was attended by a total of 36 participants. There was worship and devotion led by Mr. PM Samuel. He encouraged attendees from God’s Word and through his personal testimony to trust in the Lord. An update on the CHGN UKC programs was given (covering CLHTC, DLIP, RAD, an update from the special educator). The highlight was the report presented by Dr Rohan on the recently-launched Cluster in the North East. The administration update and progress on the 10-year celebration were provided by the Cluster Mobilisation Officer. From 23rd to 24th Ms. Jubin and Mr. Martin led the training on how to plan and organise family retreats for families with disability, covering: general structure of Family Retreat, planning for Family Retreat, Planning for Family Retreat, and Disability awareness training (ToT). The sessions provided time for group discussion and exchange of participant ideas on the various related issues. It was great to come together and learn from the resource people and from each other. CHGN UKC is thankful to all participants for coming and attending the training, and extends a special thanks to Ms. Jubin and Mr. Martin for conducting the training. CHGN UKC is also very grateful to the Engage Disability and “Jony and Friends” for funding to be able to hold this training.

Linking to Learn (L2L) – October 2017 - Spiritual Health

We had a very good 19th L2L on the theme “Spiritual Health” on October 4-5, 2017 at Deodars, Mussoorie. About 60 people attended the meeting on the 4th and 45 on the 5th as many went to participate in another program of CHGN UKC (launch of Samvedna disability resource centre) that day. All the participants said that the teaching would be of great help in their family life and as well in their ministry life. I thank all who participated in it and made it successful by their presence, and also others who could not come but prayed for these meetings.

Linking2Learn Meeting November 2017

CHGN has been successful in applying for a grant from Anglican Overseas Aid, and has launched a new livelihoods program for people with disability. The training focused on identifying opportunities for people with disability to gain skills, namely in agriculture, that will enable them to earn an income from selling their produce (or reduce their expenses on fresh produce). A number of CHGN organisations sent their staff to the Linking2learn training in November 2016. A number experts in agriculture and horticulture trained us on how we could include people with disabilities and promote livelihood options.

'Together is Better' CHGN International Forum March 2016

Linking2Learn Meeting February 2016 - 'Palliative Care'

Report on Homebased Palliative Care Training. A three day training program on Home-based palliative care organised by CHGN Uttarakhand Cluster was held at Himalayan Torchbearers from 16th February to 18th February 2017. Around 30 participants representing cluster partners attended the three day course. In the inaugural session, the cluster leaders spoke briefly about the functioning, funding and beneficiaries of different projects under the cluster partnership. The initial training session by Dr Stanley Macaden from CMAI was about the importance of dying with dignity and hope. Dr Stanley made the group understand the feelings of the dying person with different thought provoking questions helping them step into the shoes of a dying person. The need for holistic care in the palliative care setting was clarified with biblical examples. Second day's sessions by Jenika were practical oriented using small group discussions on how to meet the physical needs of the dying. The case studies about pain management, management of disturbed and agitated behaviour and the role play on communication skills helped the participants to handle these situations by themselves in the community setting. On day 3, Dr. Stanley helped to break the barrier of a purely secular approach to client care by referring to his experiences of showing the love of Christ to a dying person. The classes on bereavement care touched the need for extending the palliative care services to the grieving family. At the end, the participants developed an action plan to move forward with the lessons learned from the three day training. In short, the three day training, I believe, has empowered each participant to be a light to those who are dying.

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