I want to become a member of the CHGN UKC ?

If you want to become a member then please fill in the request form and submit online. This will be considered by the CHGN-UKC secratariat. You need to identify with the core values of the CHGN-UKC

How much will it cost me to join the cluster?

There is no initial financial cost. But it will cost you time and energy. Each cluster member would need to build open and trustful relationships with others, to aid learning and sharing.

Do I have to become a member of CHGN to join the CHGN-UKC cluster?

Yes you do. Clusters are part of CHGN, so members of clusters should be members of CHGN. Becoming a member is quick and easy! Please visit www.chgn.org and click on "Join us". Contact us at team@chgn.org if you have any difficulty.

Can Hindus, Muslims and CHGN members of other faiths join in cluster discussions?

Although CHGN has strongest links with Christian organisations, we welcome contributions from other faith groups and from those with no faith commitment. We have much to learn from each other and want to work together for our communities.

I am not able to get online. How can I keep in touch with CHGN and cluster activities?

The cluster members have shared their contact details. Paper copies of the CHGN-UKC newsletters can be distributed upon request.